Stewart Telecommunications Provides Professional Telecommunications Services to Humboldt County, California.

With over 1000+ Businesses and counting, Stewart Telecommunications is the most trusted telecommunications company in the area.

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Whether you need a new system installed or emergency repairs made to your current system, our professional qualified technicians are ready to respond promptly.


Stewart Telecommunications has been making the connection in Humboldt County, CA since 1991.

Trusted by many businesses, Stewart Telecommunications has garnered the support of customers all over Northern California since 1991.


Whether we’re performing a new installation or assisting in troubleshooting, our customers can rest easy knowing that every job will be performed professionally.


From Digital VoIP Systems to Converged Platform Phone Systems we’ve got you covered!

Our ability and experience to work with the latest technologies allows us to help our customers get solutions that meet their needs.

The right communications system should let you increase your revenue and boost your sales!

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Since 1991

Telecommunications is a compound word originating in the late 20th century. It means, simply, to transmit information across a distance. The processes, protocols, and products required for such transmission have become increasingly complex as the telecommunications industry has entered the 21st Century.

Telecommunications originally comprised telephone and telegraph, transmissions for which were carried over wires, from wooden post to wooden post. Today, both telephone and data transmission travel through the reflective interiors of underground fiber optic cables at speeds that dwarf those conceived of as absolute maximums 20 years ago.

Stewart Telecommunications has been on this path along with the telecommunications industry for those 20 years, growing from a business phone system installer for commercial applications to a provider of complex high-speed infrastructures that can provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone communication…

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