Today’s small businesses have many types of phone systems to choose from.  Cloud-based systems allow you to make calls over the internet and to store data that is hosted in off-site secure data centers. They are reliable, requiring a good internet connection, low cost and easy to use.  It’s no wonder they have increased in popularity.

Another name for a cloud-based system is a Voice Over Internet Protocol, (VoIP).  Existing devices such as traditional phones with adapters, smartphone apps like Google Voice, or VoIP enabled phones can be used. Stewart Telecommunications is here to help make your transition to cloud-based technology easy.

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The benefits of cloud-based phone systems

  • One Stop communication: consolidate your business phone system, voicemail, instant message or chat, video conferencing and faxing, and can also integrate with email, web apps, social media, and tools like a CRM.

  • Video conferencing: Many cloud-based phone systems offer video conferencing as part of their packages, so you don’t have to pay extra for it as an add-on feature.

  • No long distance charges: Because cloud phones are internet-based, you do not incur long-distance charges when you place or receive international calls.

  • Never miss a call: Users can receive or place calls on multiple devices from the same number. When your office number is called, both the user’s desk and smartphone will ring, and the user can choose which one to answer. You can also transfer calls between devices.

  • Instant messaging: Text-based communication allows for instant communication adding additional  communication options that also leave information in writing that can be referenced later.

  • Automated Directories: Direct calls and reduce the communication workload of persons in the business. Once the calls are properly directed, individuals can take calls.

Collaboration: Additional tools included with cloud-based systems include file sharing, video/audio conferencing, real-time project contributions and other tools that help people work together without being in the same room or country.