Ever called a business only to receive an error message, such as “This line has been disconnected?” If you have, that business’s phone system may just have been on the fritz, but chances are you didn’t try calling again. Don’t let that happen to your business. To ensure your business phone system can continue to serve you, keep up with its maintenance — doing so will save your company time and money, both in repair costs and in lost employee productivity.

These are a few of the common maintenance needs your business phone system may be overdue for.

Cables need replacing: Sometimes a damaged cable can compromise call quality and cause other problems with phone systems. But damage isn’t always the reason to replace cabling. Older cables can begin to falter at the end of their useful lifespan, or they may just be obsolete and not as compatible with your newer equipment.

Catching repair needs early: Report problems to your system provider as soon as they are noticed. Sometimes equipment can be damaged or misaligned, but can be fixed quickly when caught early. Stewart Telecommunications customers can call 707-442-1123 if they are experiencing problems with their phone system.

Program errors: When your small business phone system is giving you an error message or isn’t acting like it should, don’t wait to call this into your system provider either.

Phone extensions need to be added or removed: Whether you’ve brought on new employees or had some leave, you should keep only the phone extensions you need active. Others can either be disconnected or redirected. You should also replace your in-house phone directory when you make these changes.

Voicemail updates: Just as when employees begin work or leave, updating the voicemail system is vital. If you don’t remember how to program a new message, call your system provider.

Phone line needs to be moved: Promoted an employee and now she gets her own office? She doesn’t have to change extensions — phone lines can be moved or extensions changed depending on what your organization needs.

Power surges: Keep your phone system’s power cord(s) plugged into a surge protector that is equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulation to reduce the risk of both power surge and brown out damage. Equipment that has experienced electrical trauma often needs to be replaced.

Business Phone System Failure: Older small business phone systems are more prone to failure due to incompatibility with newer equipment or merely old age, but you can reduce the risk of system failure by upgrading the system before it falters. Another key to preventing this worst-case scenario is keeping up on recommended maintenance.

Is your business in need of an updated phone system? Call Stewart Telecommunications for a free consultation at 707-442-1123.