Having a new office phone system installed can make your business more efficient and productive. Once the system has been installed, our service technicians will show you how to use your new phones and how to make the most of this new asset for your business.

To make sure your office is ready to take advantage of the technology, it’s best to prepare for success. Here are a few actions you can take to make the transition go smoothly for your business.

Set up voicemails — When customers or prospects call your business and no one is currently available, they need to be able to leave a message and know it was received by the right person or department. Set up the voicemails for each phone line with accurate information; callers should know what business they have called as well as what desk or department.

For some business phone lines, it is appropriate to provide the answers to common questions, such as your business’s hours of operation or physical address. Just remember to change the voicemail later if this information changes. Keep the information on how to change your voicemail in a convenient location so you can make changes if need be. If you forget how to change your voicemail message, give us a call and we can walk you through the process.

Update directory — For business phone systems with multiple phone lines, having a directory can be vital to providing someone the right information or quickly getting in touch with a particular person. If your new office phone system added extensions or made any changes, update the phone directory immediately and send a copy of the new version to all employees. This will ensure everyone has the information they need to stay connected.

Even if your new business phone system won’t be adding or changing any extensions, it may be time to update your employee or department directory anyway. If your current directory has several extensions or names added or crossed out, the installation of your new phone system is an excellent excuse to update the list.

Train employees — Your new phone system won’t be much use if your employees don’t know how to use it. After the system is installed, we can show you how to transfer calls, set the time and date, adjust voicemail settings and how to complete any other functions your business requires.

Employees who don’t receive this training directly from us should be caught up to speed on any functions they will need to know. Have another knowledgeable employee show them how to use the system or have a mass demonstration for several employees. It s shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes for a quick demonstration. You may also consider typing up the instructions for common functions and send a copy to your staff.

Your new office phone system can add to the value of your business and ensure it is in a position to grow, especially if you correctly set up voicemails on each line immediately, update your directory and train your employees to use the system properly.